WSTA to Host Virtual Event on “Observability: Cloud Infrastructure, Network Services, and Security” for Financial Services

The Wall Street Technology Association (WSTA®), a not-for-profit organization that provides financial technology and business professionals a forum to learn from and connect with each other, will host a virtual educational event on “Observability: Real-time Insights into Cloud Infrastructure, Network Services, and Security” on April 17, 2024.

NEW YORK (PR WEB) April 9, 2024 – The Wall Street Technology Association (WSTA®), a not-for-profit organization that provides financial technology and business professionals a forum to learn from and connect with each other, will host a virtual educational event on “Observability: Real-time Insights into Cloud Infrastructure, Network Services, and Security” on April 17, 2024.

Speakers at this event include Keynote and Panel Moderator: Jerald Murphy, Senior Vice President of Research and Consulting, Nemertes; representatives from financial services; Premier Sponsor: Chronosphere; and Speaking Sponsor: Dynatrace. For more information, visit:

“Cloud infrastructure and services have given financial services companies unprecedented ability to scale and to spin up new services…and created equally unprecedented challenges in understanding what is happening in critical systems. From performance management to cybersecurity to finops, observability is the foundation of surviving the cloud,” says Jerald Murphy, SVP of Research and Consulting at Nemertes. “The WSTA’s upcoming event, Observability: Real-time Insights into Cloud Infrastructure, Network Services, and Security, brings together financial services IT practitioners and experts to discuss strategies and share insights.”

Event Description
In an era where digital infrastructure not only supports but drives business operations, the ability to gain real-time insights into cloud infrastructure, network services, and security has become paramount. This session’s content evolves from the foundational practices of migrating from monitoring to observability, to a more focused exploration of how modern organizations, particularly those in technology and financial services sectors, can leverage observability to ensure operational excellence, enhance security posture, and foster innovation.

Building on the premise that observability extends beyond traditional monitoring by providing a deeper, contextual understanding of the digital environment, this session delves into the nuances of applying observability in real-time scenarios. Topics will cover the breadth of:

  • Advanced Observability Techniques: Implementing real-time observability across cloud platforms, understanding the intricacies of network-as-a-service, and ensuring robust security measures through observability tools.
  • Automation in Observability: How automation plays a critical role in facilitating observability, enabling businesses to dynamically respond to insights and maintain resilience in the face of operational and security challenges.
  • Data Observability: Strategies for maintaining data integrity and availability in complex systems, ensuring that observability leads to actionable insights.
  • Integrating ITSM with Observability: Enhancing IT service management (ITSM) through observability to improve service delivery, incident response, and customer satisfaction.
  • Building Resilient Systems: Leveraging observability to understand system dependencies and predict potential points of failure, thereby enhancing system resilience and business continuity.
  • Governance, Compliance, and Security: Exploring how observability frameworks can support compliance with regulatory requirements, improve governance practices, and strengthen security postures.
  • Service Agreements and Business Impact: Utilizing observability data to inform service-level agreements (SLAs) and align IT performance with business objectives, ensuring that technology investments deliver tangible business value.

Panel Discussion | Migrating from Monitoring to Observability: Best Practices
Our panel of experts will share insights from their experiences in implementing observability practices within their organizations, discussing challenges, strategies, and successes. Attendees will leave with a comprehensive understanding of how observability can be used to gain a competitive edge through enhanced operational insight, security, and efficiency in today’s fast-paced digital landscape.

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The WSTA facilitates virtual and in-person educational and networking events where members meet and exchange ideas and best practices that assist them in effectively capitalizing on technology advances in areas such as Cybersecurity, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Mobility, Wireless, Machine Learning (ML), Data, Cloud, Blockchain, Digital, Architecture, etc. and dealing with financial industry business challenges. Founded in 1967, the WSTA is a not-for-profit association with a long history of evolving to meet the needs of its members.

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