Celebrating 50 years, the Wall Street Technology Association (WSTA) to Host “Managing Cloud, Containers and Virtual Infrastructure” Panel Discussion

The Wall Street Technology Association (WSTA®), a not-for-profit organization that provides financial IT professionals a forum to learn from and connect with each other, will host a panel discussion on “Managing Cloud, Containers and Virtual Infrastructure” on May 10, 2017 in New York City.

“As financial services firms are increasingly adopting “cloud-first” strategies, a solid understanding of cloud, containers, and virtual infrastructure is essential,” says Johna Till Johnson, CEO and co-founder, Nemertes Research.

Panel Discussion Overview
In software-defined environments, both risks and rewards are high. Success requires agreed-upon cloud-first design principles, improved DevOps processes, alignment between IT and business, advanced engineering for container-based design, application restacking, secure interfaces and secure access. New configurations–like thick-client devices running local decision logic supported by cloud-based compute engines—require new ways of architecting, operating, and managing.

Chaired by industry-leading research firm Nemertes Research, this panel helps you find out from your Wall Street peers and technology solution providers how:

  • Business users can achieve dynamic demand management, resiliency and faster change rates
  • IT providers can integrate processes across development, operations and third-party product teams on standard cloud and container deployment patterns
  • Companies overall can best leverage cloud, containers, and virtual infrastructure to enable their digital transformations
  • Unlocking the value of data by leveraging Cloud Storage solutions to increase Data Lakes, lower Archive data costs and developing next generation Object storage with Cloud compute

Celebrating 50 years, the Wall Street Technology Association (https://www.wsta.org) has provided financial industry technology professionals, vendors, service providers, and consultants forums to learn from and connect with each other. The WSTA facilitates educational seminars and networking events where members meet and exchange ideas and best practices that assist them in effectively capitalizing on technology advances and dealing with financial industry business challenges. Founded in 1967, the WSTA is a not-for-profit association with a long history of evolving to meet the needs of its members.

The WSTA hosts seminars, roundtables, panel discussions, and social events. These events offer many opportunities to stay on top of leading technologies, as well as network and share information with industry colleagues. The WSTA’s monthly educational Digital News provides additional content and information about the WSTA and industry-related activities. The website is a dynamic resource for keeping on top of the latest information and offers access to additional resources including webinars, white papers, blogs, videos, and information about other industry events.

Nemertes Research is a research-advisory and consulting firm that specializes in analyzing and quantifying the business value of emerging technologies. You can learn more about Nemertes Research at our Website, http://www.nemertes.com, or contact us directly at research(at)nemertes.com.


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