A Perspective on SD WAN

Transformation to emerging next generation architectures is complex and challenging.  This article discusses reference architectures for WAN and DC transformations, including lessons learned from engagements. View Now

Technology Economics/Infrastructure Economics

Witnessing the Possible End of Moore’s Law and What to Do About It View Now

Digital Technology Economics

This article separates hype from real value by quantifying the performance of digital banking & financial services firms to legacy ones. View Now

Blockchain: Prep Starts Now; Adoption Comes Later

Instead of waiting for significant issues to be addressed, now is the time to evaluate use cases and learn more about what blockchain can do. View Now

The Next Generation of Machine Learning Tools for Financial Services

Even for an expert in machine learning, launching an app usually takes more than a year. But exciting new tools are changing that. View Now

The Promise of AI in Financial Regulatory Compliance

Companies in the financial services industry are now starting to recognize the exponential & transformational power that AI can have on the compliance function. View Now

CX Innovation in Banking: Why It Requires a Secure, Adaptive Network

Financial firms are in an era of customer experience transformation—one that requires thinking about an organization as an adaptive enterprise. View Now


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