How to Accelerate Time to Value for Blockchain Initiatives

Billions are being spent of blockchain, but use cases are stalling. Companies must find a catalyst to accelerate blockchain initiatives to achieve expected business outcomes. View Now

How to Optimize Your Cloud in the Era of Infrastructure as Code

Leverage “Optimization as Code” to achieve Continuous Optimization that fits into your DevOps CI/CD Framework View Now

Deep Learning: The Next Frontier For Money Laundering Detection

Monitoring transactions for suspicious ones is a routine task requiring much knowledge and experience. But here’s where AI comes into play. View Now

A Perspective on SD WAN

Transformation to emerging next generation architectures is complex and challenging.  This article discusses reference architectures for WAN and DC transformations, including lessons learned from engagements. View Now

Technology Economics/Infrastructure Economics

Witnessing the Possible End of Moore’s Law and What to Do About It View Now

Digital Technology Economics

This article separates hype from real value by quantifying the performance of digital banking & financial services firms to legacy ones. View Now


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