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“Infrastructure for Transformation” Takeaways

Did you miss the March 19th Infrastructure Seminar & Panel Discussion? Here are some of the top takeaways from the WSTA Vice President. View Now


Banking and 5G is a Thing

What financial firms should know & how they should prepare: Many times faster, more bandwidth, improved customer experience, lower cost, moving compute power to edge devices. View Now


Multinational FinServ Corporation Gains Control of their UC Infrastructure

Read how NETSCOUT helped this $1.5 trillion Global Financial Services Company reduce their TTF (Time to Fix) for Unified Communications related issues by 85%. View Now

Light Bulbs with One Illuminated

Automate Complex Enterprise Applications

How can developers and platform engineers rapidly deploy and easily manage complex applications independent of infrastructure? Learn more with the datasheet. View Now

Definitive Guide to Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS)

This ebook describes the benefits of digital workspaces for both users and IT teams and explains how DaaS can serve as a complement to VDI or a replacement for VDI. View Now

For Financial Business Services, All Success Is UX Success

For Financial Business Services, All Success Is UX Success

Financial business service customers expect a flawless UX. With the right infrastructure and tools designed for it, that's exactly what they will get. View Now

Paper Boats

Modernizing Legacy Applications on a Shoestring Budget

Mphasis VP Suresh Nair explains how organizations can modernize legacy applications through dismantling monolithic systems. View Now


Unlocking the Cloud Operating Model (COM)

To unlock the fastest path to value in the cloud, enterprises must consider how to industrialize the application delivery process across each layer of the cloud View Now

February 20

“Analytics, AI & Beyond” Panel Discussion Recap

Did you miss the February 20th Analytics & AI Panel Discussion? Here are some of the top takeaways from some of our Board & Committee Members in attendance: View Now

MarkLogic AI Projects WP

Improving the Success Rate of AI Projects

Read this whitepaper from MarkLogic to find out how to improve the success rate of your AI projects. View Now

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