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February 2018

Ken DeGiglio
WSTA Director

Ken DeGiglio is the Chief Information Officer of EquiLend and a Director of the WSTA.

As CIO of EquiLend, he is responsible for aligning the firm’s technology vision with business strategy; integrating company processes with the appropriate technologies; and developing and implementing technology solutions for the securities lending marketplace. He manages a senior team of IT professionals and works closely with product owners and other internal stakeholders.

“Technology is the foundation of the global finance industry, and firms recognize that investing in IT is the only way to thrive in an increasingly competitive market,” Ken says. “WSTA not only brings together the individuals across Wall Street who work in the field, but also helps to educate the market and influence technological advancements in the industry. It is an honor to be a part of the organization.”

Ken’s career in financial technology spans nearly 30 years at firms including TD Ameritrade, Morgan Stanley, Robertson Stephens and J.P. Morgan; he also was a founder of Renaissance Trading Technologies. He has a bachelor’s degree with high honors in computer science, systems planning and management from the Stevens Institute of Technology.


January 2018

Shyamal Sen
WSTA Special Advisor

Shyamal has actively participated at WSTA events and committees for the last twenty years.

As a part of Advisory Services at T4S Partners, he specializes on Strategy Consulting, Pilots and Implementations for Application Modernization and Cloud initiatives.

Shyamal was a Partner and CTO of Global Financial Services Consulting at CSC, developing solutions for top international capital markets firms. Prior to this, he worked at Citi and Merrill Lynch for twenty years, where he led large-scale global infrastructure and enterprise systems programs. His areas of expertise include Wealth Management, Low-latency Market Data, Payments, Liquidity and Settlement Systems.

He has a Bachelors in Physics and Masters in Electrical Engineering from The Centre of Advanced Studies in Radio Physics and Electronics in Kolkata, India.

“I am energized to be a part of the community of problem-solvers at the WSTA,” Shyamal notes. “Educational and networking events bring industry leaders together, promoting effective sharing and continuous readiness to meet the challenges in the volatile industry.”

As Chair of the WSTA Content Advisory Committee, he and members from the industry, vendors and analysts develop content for events that help participants understand the industry’s trends and enablers, allowing them to prioritize and optimize their initiatives better.


December 2017

Casey Santos
WSTA Board Member

Casey Santos is the Chief Information Officer of General Atlantic and the First Vice President of the WSTA. As CIO at a private investment firm focused on global growth equity, Casey directs all information technology efforts including driving innovation and digital transformation across the organization, providing global IT infrastructure, and overseeing the firm’s information security program. She serves on a number of advisory boards of General Atlantic’s portfolio companies and other technology vendors. She has been on the board of the WSTA since 2015.

Casey began her career at NASA’s Johnson Space Center for the Space Shuttle program. She then transitioned into information technology serving multiple industries. She became a consultant at McKinsey and Company and later was head of technology for McKinsey’s Investment Office (MIO Partners). She has a BS in Aerospace Engineering from MIT, an MA in International Studies from the University of Pennsylvania, and an MBA from the Wharton School.

As a board member of the WSTA, Casey is an advocate focused on continuing to evolve the organization to best serve the growing and changing technology needs of the financial services industry, while also keeping many of the great professional development and networking aspects of the organization.

As technology continues to innovate and change, Casey finds the seminars and panels to be a great source of new ideas across a spectrum of technology disciplines. This sharing of innovative ideas is critical to ensuring that finance organizations are evolving and remaining innovative despite the many challenges we face in security and maintaining legacy systems.

When asked what the WSTA has to offer organizations, Casey states “The WSTA has a unique offering – providing real-world insights from industry practitioners, as well as leading vendors, across a large variety of technical disciplines. We look forward to continuing to grow the community and offer more unique programming to our members. By doing this, the WSTA is a great resource to ensure the finance industry will continue to evolve and innovate.”


November 2017

Thomas Piderit
WSTA Board Member

Tom is a current WSTA Board member and has been since 2011. He is also a Vice President in the Markets Group at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. His teams provide support for business applications used by the domestic and foreign trading desks, Treasury auction operations and services provided to foreign central banks and international organizations. Tom shares his enthusiasm for the WSTA by highlighting the dual opportunity it provides for those in the financial services industry to learn about new and evolving technologies being deployed in firms, while networking with those in similar roles who likely face the same day-to-day as well as strategic challenges. He often observes that those who have participated in WSTA events invariably extol the benefits drawn from their experience without a big investment of time and comments, “We want to keep sharing this tool with others in the financial services community so they too can leverage these benefits while broadening the network of participants the WSTA is built on.”

The views expressed by Thomas Piderit are his own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York or the Federal Reserve System.


October 2017

Arun Gundurao
WSTA Committee Member

Arun Gundurao leads the Business Intelligence, Advanced Analytics and Cognitive automation initiatives for Operations Technology at Morgan Stanley. He is passionate about Data driven business strategies, societal impact of automation and business technology alignment. He has been an active member of WSTA for the past 6 years. He has a MBA in Technology Management from Stevens Institute of Technology and lives in Basking Ridge, New Jersey. He cares about environmental stewardship and volunteers at Raritan Headwaters Association.

Arun supports specific initiatives at WSTA and contributes to two committees. The Seminar Content Review committee ensures that content presented at various seminars is of educational quality and adds values to WSTA members. As part of the Content Strategy committee, the team creates the roadmap for programs and content, and defines the delivery approach by evaluating the emerging technologies and disruptive phenomenon faced by the Financial Services industry.

Arun finds the seminars and panel discussions at WSTA informative and valuable as they impart actionable practical education. Yet, the key aspect that sets WSTA apart in Arun’s eyes is the networking and friendship opportunity with others in the industry.



September 2017

Madge Meyer
WSTA Board of Directors (2003– 2012)

Madge Meyer was a WSTA Board member from 2003 to 2012. She was also Executive Vice President, Chief Innovation Officer and Technology Fellow at State Street Corporation. Madge has been recognized externally with 16 personal awards and honors for her industry and community achievements, with Technology innovation being a major focus. Madge was simultaneously working actively with WSTA on hosting many technology events, for sharing new and current technologies and best practices among members. Collaboration has proved to be the best for innovation.
Now, Madge is a public speaker, award-winning author, and – as the founder of “Madge Meyer Consulting, LLC” – is known for her unique yet practical approach to advancing innovation and leadership throughout entire organizations. Her book, which is titled “The Innovator’s Path” and subtitled “How Individuals, Teams, and Organizations Can Make Innovation Business as Usual”, became a 2014 Axiom Business Book Award winner in the Success/Motivation/Coaching category. Madge believes passionately in making innovation “Business-as-Usual” – for continually developing and implementing new ideas and solutions that create business value and increase competitive advantage.



August 2017

John Faccibene Senior
WSTA Board of Directors (1982– 1998)

As the WSTA continues to celebrate 50 years as the premier organization for financial IT professionals, the Board and management team would like to extend a special thanks to John Faccibene Senior for all his contributions to the organization.

As a founding member and throughout the years until he left the Board in 1998, John was instrumental in developing the vision and the strategic direction for the organization. He also developed many programs, such as the Affiliate Program, started in 1988, which continues to be an important component of the WSTA’s success today.

Throughout his tenure, John held the position of WSTA President for four years, as well as serving in other Board positions and volunteering for many committees. Even after he resigned from the Board to pursue other opportunities, he continued to reach out to the management team to brainstorm about industry trends, challenges, and emerging technologies.

The WSTA truly owes John a tremendous amount of gratitude for all of his contributions over the years and for helping to make the WSTA the successful organization it is today!

John Faccibene Sr, Principal at Ipower Technology Solutions, can be reached via LinkedIn.


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