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Slides from the Seminar presentations are available for download below.


Keynote Presentation: “World-Class CyberSecurity: Lessons from the Experts”
Johna Till Johnson, CEO & Founder
Nemertes Research

Premier Sponsor: “Protect What Matters: Defending Financial Data in a Collaborative Environment”
Chris Sammons, Lead Solutions Engineer & Partner Manager
Vera Security

Luncheon Sponsor: “Reversing the Attacker-Defender Asymmetry: The Defender Lifecycle”
Preetham Gopalaswamy, Head of Product Management

“Integration – The Foundation for Resilience”
Dr. Mike Lloyd, CTO
Accelerate Incident Response | Video
Learn how to find, prioritize and contain a cyber incident. Fast. View Now.

“Addressing the Most Challenging Issues in Cyber Security”
Lou Steinberg, Founder & Managing Partner
CTM Insights, llc
You No Longer Have to Keep SSNs & Account Numbers Secret | Video
CTM Insights is exploring scenarios such as Permission Codes, which would mean we no longer have to keep SSNs and account numbers secret. View Now.

“Getting Inside the Attackers’ OODA Loop with Security Automation”
Chandler Howell, Director of Engineering Services
Nexum, Inc.

“Cyber Security Foundations as Defense”
Lee Waskevich, VP, Security Solutions
ePlus Technology, inc
Why ePlus Security?
ePlus discusses how a custom, comprehensive security program can better protect your organization from cyber threats. View Now

“Cloud Adoption Will Accelerate…Creating New Opportunities and Threats”
Jeff Ostermiller, Solutions Architect
Internet Access in Action | Video
Check out the video to see how Zscaler Internet Access provides a full security stack with all the in-depth protection you’ll ever need. View Now.

“Culture of Security”
Sam Pena, Regional Director of Enterprise Solutions Architecture
Creating a Security Centric Culture | Webinar
In this free course, Pluralsight author and information security expert Troy Hunt shares strategies for creating a culture of security at your organization. View Now


Additional Resources are available from Panelists

Beyond the Hype: Top CASB Use Cases for Financial Services | White Paper
Read the top 3 use cases for financial services organizations that want to increase productivity & reduce costs with the cloud, while also managing risk. View Now.

Rackspace Managed Security | Video
Watch this video to learn what makes Rackspace’s proactive detection & response so unique among other traditional MSSP models. View Now.




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