Contributed by Nemertes Research

Why User Awareness & Adoption are Crucial to Digital Transformation

When IT staffs finish installing a new application or service, the next action typically is not developing a marketing strategy to ensure employee or customer awareness and adoption. Rather, they may move onto the next item on their project list, and transition the new service into operational mode, focusing on break/fix, patches, and minimal enhancements and upgrades.

The problem with that approach is that service after service goes underutilized, employees are not as efficient as they could be or worse yet, they do not know the latest security protocols, collaboration capabilities, or easiest way to remotely access the network. What’s more, customers using these new technologies may be completely unaware they exist, resulting in poor alignment with business initiatives, reduced awareness of IT’s contributions to organizational goals, and greater shadow IT as employees and lines of business seek capabilities outside of approved IT capabilities because they believe that IT doesn’t offer services that meet their needs.

How successful and strategic can IT ultimately be if only a fraction of employees or customers enthusiastically adopt the technologies available to them?