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The Threat of Encrypted Traffic to Financial Institutions

This white paper investigates the challenges organizations face preventing attackers from using encrypted traffic to obscure their activity. View Now

Best Practices for Docker & Microservices at Scale

Microservices and containers are gaining ground, for good reasons, and will get pushed even further into the limelight as companies invest in software-driven innovation.  View Now

Opportunities and Challenges with Data-as-a-Service

DaaS provides several opportunities for business users that were unthinkable just a few years ago, but it is clear that, like any tool, the benefits of DaaS can be maximized by good enterprise planning and strategy. View Now

Uniting Suits+Jeans in Financial Services

Transforming financial services by creating an integrated culture to accelerate innovation. View Now

Big Data Network Traffic Intelligence

This short informational video provides an overview of what Kentik is about and what our solution, Kentik Detect, can do for your network and security operations team. View Now

Cloud Continuity Platform – Enabling the Hybrid Cloud

A missing piece for production-grade Hybrid Cloud is the ability to mobilize & protect production workloads between different infrastructure types. Read this white paper for a Cloud Continuity overview. View Now

Best Practices: Leveraging Cloud and Colocation to Avoid Downtime

A review of the three primary business continuity models enterprises are leveraging to backup critical application data. View Now

Transforming from Contact Center to Digital Engagement

To keep your customers satisfied in the demanding digital age, you must cultivate high-quality engagement, not just in the contact center, but across all touch points. View Now

The 15 Critical CASB Use Cases

As enterprises adopt cloud services across virtually every line of business, the cloud security market is maturing. See the CASB Use Cases we’ve seen in the market. View Now

The Why, When and Where of Insider Threats

The financial services industry is particularly vulnerable to insider threats. Learn to identify the traits of risky users and protect your critical data and IP. View Now


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