“Mobility and Wireless: Next-Gen Wireless Environment” Panel Discussion to be Held

The Wall Street Technology Association (WSTA®), a not-for-profit organization that provides financial technology and business professionals a forum to learn from and connect with each other, will host a virtual panel discussion on “Mobility and Wireless: Next-Gen Wireless Environment” on March 3, 2022.


Speakers at this event include Panel Moderator: John Burke, CTO, Nemertes; Panel Sponsors: Arista Networks; RingCentral and Verizon; and Polling Sponsor: Pluralsight. For more information, visit https://www.wsta.org/events/event/mobility-wireless-5g-leos-beyond/

“When the wires come off, so do a lot of limitations,” says John Burke, CTO at Nemertes. “Whether we’re talking about wireless WAN options, fully-mobile-enabled workforces, emerging tech for full-un-wired IOT, or the next iteration of hybrid work, wireless networking is going to fundamentally shift how many businesses operate in the next few years. Join us for an exciting discussion of the possibilities!”

Event Description

It’s a wireless world. Technology practitioners and leaders need to keep informed about the coming changes resulting from the rise of new ways to provide and use high-speed wireless networks. Individuals (including customers, employees, and partners) and systems (including edge computing modules, IoT, and endpoint devices) increasingly use wireless and mobile technologies as the primary form of connectivity, and applications and technology teams must adapt. As technologies like public and private 5G, and new networks of low-earth orbit satellites (LEOS) become available, enterprises will have new opportunities to collaborate within and outside their own environments, to better secure key data and operations, and to integrate intelligent IoT into their environments. Those wishing to embrace a mobile-first or even a mobile-only environment, whether for staff or for customers, will be newly empowered to make it a reality.

This session delves into the roadmap for, and implications of, the coming next-generation wireless environment, including use cases specific to the financial world.

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About Nemertes

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